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What Should You Expect From an SEO company?

1) We run a complete analysis of your web site to assess its keyword density, ranking, links, etc., and develop preliminary recommendations.

2) Using our SMaRT SEO™ technology, we comb the net for the best possible key-terms and keywords to optimize your site. This search consists of finding the most popular keywords or key-terms used on Google, Overture and other major search engines, and comparing them with our own Keywords Effectiveness Index (KEI).

3) We then optimize the Meta Tags title, description, and keywords, as well as all the meta fields needed to insure optimize indexing. Finally, we also suggest content changes to improve indexing and ranking.

4) We submit to you the proposed set of Meta Tags and content concepts to enhance optimization of your web site. We also provide an easy-to-read report that describes our proposed changes and pages for submission.

5) We communicate with you or your webmaster to incorporate the new meta tags and upload the pages.

6) We create a Yahoo e-mail account (for example yourdomainname@yahoo.com) to redirect any junk e-mail generated by these submissions.

7) We submit your index (home) page (www.yourdomain.com) as well as up to 10 pages within your site (for example www.yourdomain.com/mypage.html) to the major search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.).

Typically, we will submit every fifteen days. However, we may submit an additional time if we feel that improvements can be achieved via our secondary submission server. For our SMaRT SEO™ Enhance and Complete packages we automatically submit via our second server that allows for a more targeted submission since it is semi-automatic.

At the end of the initial 30-day submission process, we recommend that our clients continue with the ExecFocus.Net maintenance program, WEB-M. We offer WEB-M at substantially discounted rates when prepaid for three or more months.

8) We submit your index (home) page to the free directories and FFAs. (Most FFAs are not very good directories but some are very effective in promoting web sites. As a result, we feel that it is worth submitting to FFAs for 30 to 45 days.) These submissions are conducted daily for 30 days under our WEB package.

9) We send you an initial submission report listing the pages submitted to the search engines and other directories. We can also provide you with daily submission reports to FFAs and other directories for a small additional fee should you require it.

10) We provide weekly reports (usually compiled every Sunday) based on Alexa rankings, and a bi-weekly ranking and search engine coverage report. Note that the biweekly ranking and search engine coverage report starts 30 days after initial submission and is not available for the SMaRT SEO™ -basic (package WEB Basic)

11) We monitor the progression of your site on a regular basis and advise you of any new options to improve ranking and enhance your e-commerce.

12) Finally, we provide support as needed from 8am to 8pm PST, Monday through Friday, and 10am to 5pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.


a. Optimization starts within 48 to 72 hours of contracting with ExecFocus.Net. Submission begins immediately upon the uploading of web pages containing new Meta Tags.

b. The 30-day initial submission process (maintenance) begins on the day of the first submission.

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