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Press Release:

Los Angeles, California - March 02, 2004

After several months of development and an extensive evaluation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, ExecFocus.Net launches SMaRT optimization, its new technology for delivering top Internet rankings to its clients.

SMaRT (Suggestive Match and Research Technology) uses a combination of some of the best technologies available for "keywords" and "key terms" selection. SMaRT also offers other advantages such as meta tag creation, recommendations for content development, and website submission methodology that is unparalleled in the SEO industry.

While other SEO services offer temporary or limited results by targeting only rarely searched keywords, SMaRT delivers competitive keywords and key terms that are highly relevant to our clients’ businesses and widely popular with Internet users.

SMaRT has been put to the test in the ranking of e-commerce web sites such as,, and MIRA, a stock photography agency. In all instances, SMaRT has delivered rankings in the top ten pages of Google and Yahoo. is now ranked #10 on Google under the keyword “easel” while ranks #3 on Google and on page 2 of Yahoo under their top key term, “discount sisal rugs.” And after just two months, MIRA is ranked #59 on Google under the key term “stock photography”.

For additional information, contact
Jean Maurice Touboul
Los Angeles, CA

ExecFocus-Optimization is part of the ExecFocus.Net family of sites offering marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Its current customer list includes,,,,,,, and more.

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