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Use RSS feeds to improve your link popularity - Article Provided by Axandra

Maybe you've seen these little orange images that appear on many web pages (if you haven't, take a look at the lower left side of our newsletter index page).

Although these images look very inconspicuous, they can help you to improve the link popularity of your web site. The XML image shows that the web site offers an RSS feed for its web site content.

What is RSS?

RSS means Really Simply Syndication. It is a simple XML format that allows you to share your news headlines and other web content with other sites. Basically, RSS allows you to distribute your "What's new" section to other web sites quickly and easily.

RSS is used by many popular web sites such as CNN, Forbes, Motley Fool and the BBC. Yahoo allows its users to quickly add RSS feeds to their MyYahoo service.

Why do RSS feeds improve the link popularity of my web site?

When another web site uses your RSS feed to display your news items it will automatically place a link to your site. The more web sites use your news feed, the more web sites will link to your site.

For every news item you publish in your RSS feed, you'll get another link from all web sites that publish your RSS feed.

How do you create RSS feeds?

RSS feed only makes sense for your web site if you regularly posts news items that are interesting to other web sites. If you don't regularly update your news, RSS feeds won't work for you.

RSS feeds are XML files that must have a valid syntax. Here are details on how to create RSS feeds.

It can be quite complicated to produce valid RSS feeds. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you with this task.

We highly recommend the tool FeedForAll to quickly create RSS feeds.

If you have a new page or a blog, RSS feeds can help you to improve the link popularity of your web site. If you don't have a blog or regular news on your web site, take a look at our link popularity tool ARELIS.

ARELIS helps you to locate and manage new link partners, it helps you to quickly build custom link pages with a few mouse clicks and it helps you to check if your link partners still link back to you. Download your trial here.

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